In the Name of Sovereign People

Year: 1990

Organization: Luigi Magni

Production: Angelo Rizzoli per ERRE produzione in collaborazione con Rai2

In nome del popolo sovrano is a film produced in 1990 and directed by Luigi Magni, with Alberto Sordi and Nino Manfredi. It is the third part of a trilogy begun with:  Nell'anno del Signore (1969) followed by In nome del Papa Re (1977). The trilogy deals with the relationship between the people and the Roman aristocracy with the power of the papacy during the events leading to the Italian Risorgimento.
In 1849, following the establishment of the Roman Republic, Pope Pius IX has to flee from Rome to Gaeta. A few months after the troops led by General Oudinot, together with Austrian ones, try to reconquer Rome to impose the restoration of the temporal power of the Vatican through a ruthless application of law and order. Some of the citizens of Rome and of its aristocracy also want to bring back the old system. In the palace of the marquis Arquati, a noble papist, there live his son Eufemio, a weak and timid youth, his wife Cristina, (who was forced by her family to marry him), the marquis’ daughter Giacinta and the bossy maid Rosetta. Cristina, sides for the Republic. She has become Captain Giovanni Livraghi’s lover. He is a Milanese revolutionary who has come in aid of the Republicans and who is a great friend of the Barnabite monk Ugo Bassi. The monk is against the temporal power of the pope and a supporter of the rights of the people, but always keeping faith with his mission as a priest. Among the revolutionaries, Ciceruacchio (Angelo Brunetti) stands out. Lorenzo, his teenage son, accompanies him. Meanwhile the young marquis Eufemio has suddenly fallen in love with his own wife, who has been transformed by her political commitments and by her love for Livraghi. Eufemio wants to kill his rival and meets him during a skirmish on the Janiculum. He saves Livraghi instead by killing a French soldier who was about to shoot the Republican. After much fighting the surviving Republican patriots are defeated by the foreign troops. They leave Rome and move North in disorderly order. Cristina tries to join up with Giovanni, who is trying to join Garibaldi. Bassi and Livraghi are arrested and sentenced to death; Cristina desperately tries in vain to save her lover by beseeching a powerful prelate - who is her friend - to grant him pardon. Before the execution, Ugo is denied the ministration of the sacraments while Giovanni instead tries to confess himself to the monk. Meanwhile Eufemio continues searching for his wife whom she wants to kill out of vengeance. However when he sees her, again after Livraghi’s death everything has changed between them: Cristina now has respect for him because of his courage in acting with generosity on the Janiculum to the point of even endangering his own life. The couple reunites. Cristina follows her husband when he decides to join the Piedmontese and fight for the Italian Unity. Ciceruacchio and his son are also executed while Pope Pius IX returns to rule in Rome.

Awards: David di Donatello per i costumi a Lucia Mirisola

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