Year: 1996

Organization: Giorgio Treves

Production: Mario Mazzarotto

Intolerance is a collective film made in 1996, from an idea of Massimo Guglielmi developed and expanded by Roberto Giannarelli, Marco Simon Puccioni and Roberto Torelli. The film, is divided into two parts: one is on film and is made up of 23 shorts and the other is on video with 27 different parts. There are in total 50 shorts shot by as many different authors and by 1000 technicians who worked for free in order to make a film against all kinds of intolerance and pro multiple cultures and individual differences.

Besides the doyen of Italian cinema: Citto Maselli, many directors have participated in the making of the film: among them Paolo Virzì, Gabriele Muccino, Marco Simon Puccioni, Cinzia Th. Torrini and Giorgio Treves.

The Association Cinema Without Frontiers was created to enable the project to materialize and collaborate with Don Luigi Di Liegro’s, the director of Caritas. One year after the film was shot Marco Simon Puccioni, the President of the Association, gave around 89 million Liras to Caritas to create a hotel to shelter and train immigrants.


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