Year: 1997

Organization: Luca Barbareschi

Production: Casanova Multimedia, Medusa Film

In the summer of  1969, when Andrea is thirteen years old, his family leaves Milan to spend a holiday in the little town of Ardena, on a hillside surrounded by a large lake. The big house where they go to stay accommodates many people besides his parents. There are two uncles, very different one from the other. Some of his cousins and his grandfather who is not resigned to growing old. There is also his grandmother who is rethinking her own life: she writes poetry, speaks with the trees and, secretly, with the ghost of her first love, a cadet who died in the war.

On the one hand, Andrea spends his time with the other youths with whom he makes the discoveries typical of boyhood, and on the other, he witnesses the problems that concern the ‘grown ups’. His mother has a lover, his father lectures him on his behaviour, his grandmother is peculiar and his grandfather tries to seduce the maid. Meanwhile broadcast on the television there is the landing of the first man on the moon.  The summer holidays are over. It is time to go back home. Andrea is now a different boy. 


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