The Trasformer

Year: 2002

Organization: Luca Barbareschi

Production: Casanova Multimedia Rai Cinema

A big flood devastates the countryside around Turin. The river Po burst its banks: as a consequence, toxic waste from an unauthorized dumping ground has emerged to the surface. Augusto Viganò, a forty years old co-owner of a pub who is committed to protect the environment, stops a train with a group of friends. The government minister Antonelli is on board the train.

The politician, who is accompanied by his advisor Orlando Lanzetta, accepts to listen to the complaints from the activists. The minister is interviewed live on television. Vigano too is interviewed. He is singled out by a politician who is interested in having him elected to exploit his future political power. Augusto is willing to do anything in the cause for the environment. He therefore accepts the politician’s offer and gets into Montecitorio (the Italian parliament). Thus begins Augusto’s Roman adventure among lurid political manoeuvres, treachery and clandestine encounters between politicians of opposite parties.


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