The International

Year: 2009

Organization: Tom Tykwer

Production: Distribuito da: Sony Picture Italia

The plot follows Louis Salinger (Clive Owen), an Interpol agent and Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts), a district attorney in New York, who investigate the IBBC (International Bank of Business Credit).

The plot is based on a conspiracy theory: the investigation reveals that the IBBC wants to lend money to the Revolutionary Freedom Front in Liberia to acquire small arms made by the Calvini Defense group. In this way, when the war will be over, the bank will be able to control the Liberian national debt.

When the agreement with Calvini (Luca Barbareschi) fails, the managers of the IBBC try to make a deal with a Turkish businessman to sell arms in Syria and Iran, without revealing to them that Israel has already bought the necessary defensive weapons from the same man.


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