We believed

Year: 2010

Organization: Mario Martone

Production: Palomar, Rai Cinema, Les Films d'Ici, ARTE France

The film is set out in four chapters (The choices, Domenico, Angelo and the dawn of the nation). It tells the story of three young men from the Cilento, in Southern Italy. Salvatore is a patriot, Domenico believes in friendship and Angelo, who wants violent action. They all decide in 1828 to take part in the Giovine Italia, the Republican political movement led by Giuseppe Mazzini. Following their decisions, their lives take different paths. They become involved in different ways in episodes of the history of the Italian Risorgimento.

Awards: David Di Donatello, Nastro d'Argento, Globo d'Oro

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LINK: http://www.palomaronline.com/