The Mercury Factor

Year: 2013/2014

Organization: Luca Barbareschi

Production: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Cinema

A small village in the region of Yunnan in China.
Shitou, the only child of a young woman, is poisoned by adulterated food and dies. Matteo works for the Feng, a multinational company based in Hong Kong. Feng is the headquarters for many business operations and for criminal trafficking in adulterated food distributed all over the world.

Matteo’s career has been a great success achieved without scruples. It is precisely when he has reached the top that he meets Xiwen who also lives in Hong Kong now.

The dealer in adulterated food and the woman, who has lost her son because of it, meet by chance in the restaurant she has opened. This she has done in memory of her son to engage in a personal war to protect the authenticity of food and the awareness of malpractice in food consumption.

They both ignore the truth they each hide and at the same time, they do not imagine that this meeting will change their lives.


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