Son of a bitch

Year: 1976

Organization: Nino Marino

Production: Stefano Film

When Bob, a "hot dogs" street vendor, comes home, he finds that his girlfriend Lina has run away with a man called Miguel to try her luck as an actress in Hollywood. Bob is deeply offended and he decides to chase the two fugitives and kill them. To do so he pools all his savings and borrows a gun from his friend Dick. He starts his journey in a stolen car. As he practices with his gun in a place he thinks is empty of people, he kills a man who had given a lift to an extravagant girl. Bob is forced to take the girl with him. She makes him take complicated routes to travel until; she dies of overdose in front of the statues of the past presidents of the United States carved on a high cliff. Further on during his journey, Bob gets into trouble with a fat old woman, Lorna, who is desperate for lack of amenable men. She also kills herself. Bob is wounded. He is helped by Grey Wolf, a typical Red Indian young man who is much wiser than all the "civilians” are. Miraculously Bob reaches Hollywood to meet Lina and Miguel who are on their way to the Paramount Studios. The two of them go out and go to Paramount Studios but soon come out of because all the studio is after is the girl’s sexy body. Bob realizes that he is dealing with two people even more desperate than he is and that Lina is completely off her rocket. Bob lets Miguel get into his car for their trip back to New York. However, Lina accidentally kills Miguel with the gun Bob had thrown away.


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