From Corleone to Brooklyn

Year: 1979

Organization: Umberto Lenzi


Following the assassination of Salvatore Santoro in Rome, police officer Giorgio Berni takes on the case. He is invited to Palermo to collaborate with the local police officer Danova, as there is good reason to believe this is a crime tied to the mafia. Meanwhile lieutenant Sturges of the New York police arrests a man, who claims to be called Vito Ferrando, suspected of drug smuggling and who has no residence permit. Sturges send a report to Palermo in which he declares that Ferrando is in fact the mafia boss Michele Barresi who has escaped from justice more than once.

Barresi is cleared as a suspect for the crime in Rome but in the meantime, other people close to him have been killed.  His girlfriend Liana Scala and Francesco Santoro. During the crossfire following the crime one of the killers, Salvatore Scalia falls into the hands of the police. He had once been a right-hand man to Barresi and is Liana’s brother. Giorgio Berni obtains permission to transfer him to America personally so that Scalia can testify and incriminate Barresi. The trip reveals itself full of perils as the mafia attempts to eliminate the dangerous witness. Berni, hides in his ex-wife’s, Paola, house and then manages to reach New York. There he cannot avoid Scalia’s death but the witness has left a written testimony. 


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