Who will help me?

Year: 1984

Organization: Valerio Zecca


Paolo and Carlo are good friends: the former introverted, intellectual and disappointed in opposition to the latter cheerful and superficial. Nonetheless, the two of them share the same apartment. Paolo runs a so-called “alternative” bookshop together with a partner. Carlo is a violinist in a small group. The lives of the two thirty year olds drag on until Paolo falls in love with Lili, a new client (an aspiring actress in search of a job) and brings her home. Carlo, irritated at first, soon makes the newcomer’s head turn and possesses her. Paolo consider this a betrayal. Lili passes confused from one to the other, attracted by Paolo’s culture but also sensitive to Carlo’s vigorous attention. Their fellowship ends as the intellectual makes a suicide attempt. Carlo feels some remorse and Lili goes back to her solitary life, always anxiously in search of true love, which she thought with Paolo, had been sincere.

Awards: Vincitore del Premio Ischia

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LINK: http://www.comingsoon.it/Film/Scheda?key=5725&film=CHI-MI-AIUTA-%3F