Year: 1984

Organization: Pupi Avati

Production: Antonio Avati per Duea Film

Luigi Stanzani, who recently got his university degree, moves from Modena to Bologna to start working in an important bank. Luigi shares his flat with Dario, the son of a friend of his family who studies at the DAMS Institute. A difficult life awaits him in the bank. Shy and awkward Luigi finds it hard to integrate with his colleagues who seem embezzlers. The man at the desk next to him warns him of a group who think too much of themselves. One evening he goes out with Marcella but the girl forgets him immediately when they meet the others. Enrico, one of the more skilled and quick even manages to induce him to court his wife Annalisa and then entrusts him with an important file.

Dario (discreet and coy but sensitive) also frequents the group and attracts the attention of Annalisa who falls in love with him. Following his small frauds, Enrico soon finds himself in a difficult position with the bank and is forced to resign. He discovers his wife is having an affair and convinces Dario he should leave her. But the young man, fragile and defenceless dies in a car accident shortly after.

After Dario’s death, the transfer of the boss and Enrico’s departure life in the bank returns to normal. For his part, Luigi continues to follow his conscience without worrying if one or the other of his colleagues likes him, happy, as he is to be a good fellow. Stronger now following his experience.


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