Year: 1986

Organization: Massimo Mazzucco

Production: N.A

Giulio, who feels he is getting old, wants to get in touch with his son Andrea, whom he has not seen for years. He invites him to spend some time in a chalet where he has retired on a mountainside. They have never had anything in common and at the beginning, they are both embarrassed. Soon however, their rancour and incomprehension’s fade away and the two men begin to talk to each other, to confide and consider their own experiences.

Giulio has little to say or to teach: his wife is sick. She lives in special nursing home. He has never had the courage to go and visit her. He has had an affair with another woman. Now that his friends are almost all dead he has chosen to live alone.
Andrea is the opposite. His way of life his positive and efficient: he is married; he has daughters, money and a good job. Meeting his father however compels him to think about the falsehood of his life: the relationship with his wife is in fact a void, his job is not satisfactory and his spasmodic search for success and money rules his fruitless days.

After spending some days together and having found again a way to be affectionate with each other, they part to each live in their own private world, with a little less hypocrisy and one more experience.


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