Via Montenapoleone

Year: 1986

Organization: Carlo Vanzina

Production: N.A.

"Beauty, Elegance, Eroticism and Money” is Via Montenapoleone’s catch phrase. The film is a sort of Yuppies sequel that wants to describe in depth the city of Milan in the 1980s filled as it then was with models, private television producers, social-climbing socialists and corrupt politicians. The film takes place in the famous Milanese Street, Via Montenapoleone. It focuses on various characters and describes the daily life of models, playboys, rich and bored upper class women, rampant photographers and gays tormented by doubts and uncertainties. Luca Barbareschi is a gay film critic, Valentina Cortese an aristocrat with a villa on a lake, Carol Alt is supremely beautiful and so is René Simonsen. There are also Fabrizio Bentivoglio and Paolo Rossi that play two characters typical of the Milanese café society of that time. At the very beginning of the film, Van Wood sings the song Via Montenapoleone, the leitmotiv of this movie.


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