Year: 1987

Organization: Dino Risi

Production: Pio Angeletti, Adriano De Michele

Romagna, in Central Italy, in the 1980’s. Teresa (Serena Grandi), a beautiful, sexy and wilful woman becomes a widow. In order to continue working as a truck driver she is obliged to pay a debt of 80 million Liras which her husband, before dying, had run up with Nabucco (Eros Pagni), a rich local entrepreneur. Nabucco is in love with Teresa. He tells her that if she does not pay off her debt to him by August the next year, she will have to marry him. Teresa does not love him back. She starts working very hard - with uneven results. She transports goods from Germany to Sicily and, at the same time she tries to avoid the courtship of men she meets (among them are an improbable German baron and a ridiculous boss of the Sicilian mafia). As she struggles with her work, she finds time to fall in love with a young man, Gino (Luca Barbareschi), her co-driver who is temperamental and who was born in the same region as she was.


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