Meet a friend of mine

Year: 1987

Organization: Francesco Massaro


engNagra, a young aspiring journalist looking for a permanent job, shares a flat with Mauro, an actor, who is himself seeking a successful career. To make ends meet Mauro has accepted to act in an advertisement spot for a brand of condoms. Nagra meets Claudio, a journalist who works for the Rai-Radio broadcasts. Claudio falls in love with her and hints at a possibility of finding a job for her. Claudio meets Brunetta, a glamourous woman who runs a PR agency for the world of fashion. Brunetta has been for a long time the lover of a surgeon, Lionello, who is married to Cristina. The first meeting between Nagra and Brunetta is a vicious one. Brunetta is very condescending towards the younger woman. Nagra is sacked from her job at the radio where she has been working as a volunteer for the last two years. By chance, she starts working as a baby sitter for Brunetta, who has a son from a previous unhappy marriage. The two women become friends. Brunetta turns out to be sincere and affectionate. Her affair with Lionello ends abruptly because the surgeon has a new lover, Marina, a very young swimming instructor. Marina however is a possessive lover. She starts to harass him. Lionello goes back to Brunetta and asks her to free him from the awkward presence of the girl. Brunetta reluctantly agrees. She convinces Marina to forget Lionello and promises her to introduce her to the world of fashion. Nagra meanwhile gets a job as a journalist: Claudio’s boss, after a brief love affair with her understands that the young woman is a thorough professional. He recommends her to Rai broadcasts. Nagra’s dream comes true. Claudio feels humiliated by her unfaithfulness and by her professional success. He breaks with her. Mauro too refuses to console her and goes his own way.


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