Bye Bye Baby eng

Year: 1988

Organization: Enrico Oldoini


A young married couple, Paolo and Sandra, live in Milan. They are much in love with each other but they quarrel incessantly. He lives in style after having earned a lot of money through clever investments. Sandra, who has just graduated in medicine, wants to continue working in a hospital. One evening, after another fight, they separate. Paolo immediately finds consolation with Lisa, a professional billiards player. Sandra soon succumbs to the long-standing courtship of her colleague Marcello.

One year after their divorce (initiated by Paolo) the two former husband and wife meet again and discover that they still love each other. They become furtive lovers. Nevertheless, they do not stop fighting as soon as the occasion arises. Neither has the courage to break their bond with Lisa and Marcello.

The four characters meet per chance on the Mauritius islands. Paolo tries to get Sandra away from Marcello; at the last minute, however Sandra does not run away with him. Paolo is a superficial and selfish man and she is not sure she wants to live with him again.

After some time Paolo and Sandra, meet once again in Milan. Sandra tells her former husband that she is about to marry Marcello, Paolo reacts with a lie. He tells Sandra he no longer has an affair with Lisa. Sandra is shaken at the news. At her wedding, when she should say ‘yes, I do’ she runs away and goes to Paolo’s house. They make love passionately. Lisa catches them unawares. She ends her affair with Paolo and reveals to Sandra that she had never stopped living with him before the break. Sandra is disappointed once again. She quarrels with Paolo and they break apart. As Paolo leaves her house, a car hits him. Sandra runs to him. She is happy to see that he is unhurt and tries once more to establish the basis for a new serious relationship. Paolo leaves not before having fixed however an appointment with her for the next day. 


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