The Case of Alessandro and Maria

Year: 2009

Organization: Luca Barbareschi

Production: Casanova Multimedia

An intimate dialogue between two people poised between past and present. A love story that had once existed and the inevitable devastation that comes with great passions. A ‘ring’ of the heart in which the two characters had lived their “boundless and wasted love affair”. Unexpected interactions between daily life and a dream world transcend and take shape in the body and voice of Luca Barbareschi in the role of Alexander, who is faced with the dilemma of ‘being’ or ‘being present’, confronted by Chiara Noschese’s Maria “with her joy of life and her sadness at not being anywhere”. They argue, communicate and do not communicate, tease and taunt each other, play and duet over the original score of the excellent musician Marco Zurzolo, which he plays live with his band. A way of reviving for the audiences a play that had vanished among the extraordinary and vast output of works by Giorgio Gaber. A personal homage from Barbareschi to his friend Giorgio and a way for the director-actor to go back to recounting himself through an intimate story, of flying in a dream between music and words, a reality love show that is sung, danced and acted all at the same time.


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