The Prince of Salina's dream: The Last Leopard

Year: 2006/2007

Organization: Andrea Battistini

Production: Casanova Multimedia, Fondazione Palazzo della Cultura di Latina, Taormina Arte. Teatro Manzoni di Milano

The storyline tells the saga of the Salina’s, an aristocratic  family who live suspended between memory and living, who alternate between flashes from a dazzling past to bourgeois drama, profound reflections on inner time, in particular one’s own, and reality, all through the melancholic and proud viewpoint of Fabrizio Corbera, the last Leopard. A complex man, characterized by deep interior conflicts, who appears calm but whose thoughts reveal reflections alien to the people who surround him and harrowing considerations on human nature. Only his beloved nephew, Tancredi, perceives his troubled soul. For Corbera, Tancredi is the mirror image of himself, the man-leopard as he watches the end of an era. Tancredi is good-looking, enthusiastic and a reckless fellow. He will convince Fabrizio to allow him to marry Angelica, the daughter of the parvenu Don Calogero Sedara. In the halls of the summer residence called Donnafugata, we will witness the descendent parable of the Leopard’s existence, a journey into the doubts of a man, a great provoker and sublime victim, right until the epilogue of his life. 


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