Harry and Me

Year: 2000

Organization: Luca Barbareschi

Production: Casanova Multimedia

“Harry and Me” is about life, work, friendships and feelings. Spurred by a desire to escape and fear of life and/or death, Michi (Michele) and Betta (Elisabetta) together with Maurizio, bring to life a play full of invented and improbable creatures of all sorts, just to ‘kill’ time that is rushing by towards silence.

In an untidy and empty TV studio Michi and Betta, desperately try to find a musical star who has left no trace. They confront each other and talk about themselves sincerely in a way that perhaps they never have done before and this brings them a little closer.


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LINK: http://www.casanovamultimedia.it/produzioni/la-grande-truffa/