Barbareschi Sciock

Year: 2010

Organization: Cristiano D'Alisera

Production: Casanova Multimedia – La 7; Alessandro Cioffi, Massimo Modica, Peppe Strazzeri

Luca Barbareschi made his television comeback with a bang! A Variety show both within rules and against them, at the same time lowbrow and highbrow: thus from different viewpoints one can discover a surprising world, one that is sometimes, even… better.

The programme, live from the Videa studios in Rome, was an unusual talk show in search of an alternative point of view – perhaps erroneous – of reality. Each instalment turns around a series of intriguing interviews of famous and unknown people: three stages and a catwalk are the backdrop of unusual and surprising meetings

Besides Luca Barbareschi, there were a professional journalist who officially ‘launches new and special investigations’, three very young opinion makers who ask demanding questions no holds barred, the “Rimbam-band”, a sextet playing jazz-cabaret and a corps de ballet of dancers choreographed by Modulo Project with four burlesque-ballerinas.


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