Fog and Crime 3

Year: 2009

Organization: Giampaolo Tescari

Production: Casanova Multimedia; Prodotto da Luca Barbareschi, Aureliano Lalli-Persiani, Susanna Bolchi; Produzione Rai: Lorenza Bizzarri

Police detective Soneri returns to investigate for a third season. This time the city of Ferrara is no longer the backdrop of his cases, we are now in Turin. A harsh, nervous and closed city with many social layers, dark and yet crystalline, it represents strong contrasts and it moves and pulsates at high speed.

It is precisely in this city that Soneri closes with his past and cuts off any dry branches. He will be working with a new team. A new love story will begin. His path will be difficult and emotional as well as full of sensational events. As affairs of the heart are no less adventurous, breath taking, than those of his cases. There is one more element: Immacolata. She is a young teenager of fourteen with a difficult past, who has run away from home. She is a wild child, very resourceful, a liar and a rogue. “Imma” chooses Soneri as her stepfather and from that moment, the police officer finds himself placed in the difficult position of being an adoptive parent, particularly as he has never been a father.

Added to all this there are of course four cases which Soneri has to investigate. He has not changed his ways. His instincts, intelligence and experience, and above all his “nasty” character will all bring him to discover the truth. Even though, this will sometimes be a bitter truth as it concerns those closest to him.


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