Fog and Crime 2

Year: 2007

Organization: Riccardo Donna

Production: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction; Prodotto da Aureliano Lalli-Persiani, Luca Barbareschi, Susanna Bolchi; Produzione Rai: Lorenza Bizzarri

This was a mini-series made up of six separate episodes. Silvia Napoletano, Angelo Pasquini and Roberto Jannone wrote the script. Riccardo Donna directed the series Luca Barbareschi in the lead role and Natasha Stefanenko playing the role of Angela.

Each film in the series has a crime investigation as its main theme investigated by detective Soneri, who is the head of the police squad in Ferrara. Soneri is a loner in his work and not only there. A small group of faithful agents that operates independently within the Questura (the Police headquarters) helps him. Soneri’s investigations concern a series of crimes very different each from the other. Each one also hides a disquieting mystery that brings to the surface tragic and bitter, surprising or grotesque, sides of that apparently quiet and industrious corner of the region of the Po River. This is one of the richest and most developed regions in the Italian peninsula.

On the wake of the great literary and cinema detectives of the past, the restless Soneri is not content to merely identify a culprit. It is as if the murderer were surrounded by a web of different motivations, of all invasive co-responsibilities as if the crime were the rotten fruit of an environment where time has layered resentments, injustice never righted and a pervasive desire for revenge.


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