The Days of the Lion 2

Year: 2005

Organization: Francesco Barilli

Production: Casanova Multimedia; Prodotto da Aureliano Lalli-Persiani; Produzione Rai: Daniela Valentini

Leone’s adventures continue. We left him almost four years ago when he was about to marry beautiful Marta, the editor of one of the magazines for whom he works. Leone has not stopped loving his work as a photographer of nature and he is as sexy as ever now that he sports grey hair and a beard. Marriage has taught him fidelity. Since the journey he undertook with his five sons when he discovered their personalities, their relationship to each other is a constant and caring one. Is it true then, the selfish father and the lying seducer do not exist anymore? This is how it appears but … As everybody knows; it is always from a ‘but’ that all stories begin.

Leone is in India for a magazine feature on tigers, His son Carlo, who is now twenty years old, works as his assistant. In order to save his son from a pouncing tiger, Leone falls from a lookout tower and breaks his leg. End of the trip, unscheduled return journey, astounding surprise: Marta is cheating on him.

Leone faces a huge crisis whereby he alternates jealousy, wounded pride, rage and depression. Carlo is worried. He calls his brothers to decide how to help their father. Come to think of it - What had happened meanwhile to the other four brothers? Alessandro, who is now in his twenties, has left Bologna to come to Rome and be an artist. The vertiginous flow of young girls who come and go in his flat shows that he has inherited from his father a special talent, albeit not really an artistic one. Mattia and Elia, fifteen and fourteen years old have moved from an obsession for graffiti to rap. Luca, the youngest, lives with his mother’s new lover who is strict and objects to the easy-going education that Leone is giving the boys. He would like to straighten out Luca saving him from his pernicious father’s influence. During their secret meeting, the boys decide to each in turn take in their father as a guest in order to take care of him and comfort him.

During his journey into the lives of his sons in their respective homes, Leone faces their everyday problems. He tries to help them just as much as his sons try to help him overcome the shock of his wife’s betrayal. Obviously, this is not a smooth process because however much they may love their father; this is a relationship fraught with conflicts, rebellions and desire for emancipation. Fights alternate with moments of tenderness and reciprocal protection.

With regard to his own sentimental life, Leone tries to get out of his crisis by acting for a while as he used to; he becomes once again the untiring seducer with his famous red diary containing innumerable women’s addresses.

Leone meets Titti, Alessandro’s mother whom he abandoned when she was pregnant and whom he has never seen again for the last twenty years. She leads him to discover true love, the kind of love where there is no room ever again for red diaries.

Deeply hurt from her experience, Titty does not immediately respond to Leone’s love. She appears to prefer the quietly serene courtship of a more reliable companion.

The brilliant comedy filled as it is with intrigue and reciprocal lies that the two protagonists play as super virtuoso’s changes pace when life turns out at times to be serious and full of grief. This is the case when Leone’s mother dies, or Mattia and Elia run away, or during the court case to take from Leone parental authority over Luca.

In the end though, diffidence and fear of making mistakes overcomes them both. They both agree to separate. Nine months later on Christmas’ eve, all the Gualtieri family is reunited. It is undoubtedly an extended family as it happens nowadays more and more often. Leone is here; his former wives are here with their new partners, as are all the sons and a newly born grandson. Titti arrives too. She has understood that she cannot forego Leone nor his confused and disorderly way of life, which is at the same time authentic and generous too.


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