Crime news

Year: 1998

Organization: Gianluigi Calderone, Ugo Fabrizio Giordani

Production: First Film S.r.l. per RAI DUE

Following the first four crime investigations, the investigator journalist Walter Cherubini - alias Luca Barbareschi – returns in the lead role of six ever more thrilling crime stories. Walter, a journalist in a provincial newspaper uses his professional capacities and his gifts as a detective to sleuth out criminal activities. He is hard headed, stubborn and uncompromising. Thus, the journalist will be able to get at the truth hidden behind intricate criminal cases. His qualities however, together with his sharp refusal to yield to the cynical attitude of those who insist in publishing scoops whereby suspected culprits are advertised as the ‘monster’ on the front page. Walter comes into conflict with the owners of the newspaper and in particular, with his chief editor who is so cynical as to be called Il Capoccione (big head).

A constant presence in Walter’s professional and private life is yet again Federica Stanguellini (played by Lucrezia Lante della Rovere), a very efficient and enterprising colleague, a precious ally during his investigations. Their love story however alternates between happy and bitter days. This is also because there is always Susan, Walter’s former wife, in the background. In addition the journalist now has to face painful events that concern his dearest loved ones: his father, his friend and colleague Masetti, and the much respected Lo Bianco, second in command in the Mobile (the Police squad).

The six episodes filmed between Rome and Parma feature passions, conflicts, interests, grief and suffering. The protagonist is always the same: the hardboiled journalist with, as a hobby, a compulsion for investigating the truth....


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