The gift of life

Year: 2003

Organization: Tiziana Aristarco

Production: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction; Prodotto da Aureliano Lalli-Persiani, Luca Barbareschi, Susanna Bolchi; Produzione Rai: Lorenza Bizzarri

This is the story of a successful manager who offers to the aristocracy more or less shady deals. Because of a car accident, he changes personality and creates havoc by revealing with utter candour muddy enterprises.

This mini-series was divided into two episodes. Tiziana Aristarco directed the series. Luca Barbareschi played the lead role. In the cast: Irene Ferri, Raffaele Pisu, Antonello Fassari and with a cameo appearance by Remo Girone.


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