I want my children back

Year: 2002

Organization: Luigi Perelli

Production: Alfa Produzioni

The life of Sonia (Sabrina Ferilli), a young woman separated from her husband (Luca Barbareschi), is a difficult one. She has two children, a job that is not going too well and some debts. Suddenly, Walter, her ex-husband, reappears out of the blue. He brings many presents for the children and makes a lot of promises to Sonia.

Walter wants them to get together again. He offers to all go, as a family, to Moldavia where he is running a business. Just as Sonia has decided to start a new life with him, she realizes that behind the chain of events that have upset her life there has always been him, Walter, and that in fact the truth is that he has always been interested in obtaining custody of their children. Their father following a legal battle kidnaps the children and takes them to Moldavia.

This marks the beginning of a long struggle by a strong, determined and fierce woman who, despite countless difficulties, will never lose the hope of living again together with her children. The short series is freely based on the book: "Perdute"(Lost) by Sandra Fei. This is a first-hand narration by a mother determined to get her children back from their father. He has kidnapped and taken them abroad.


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