Once we loved each other so much

Year: 1989 - 1994

Organization: Lorenzo Lorenzini

Production: Margherita Caligiuri (per R.T.I.)

After having begun quietly in 1989 on Rete 4, this talk show soon became a growing success and one of the most followed programmes of the early evening seen in the last few years as well as the winner of a Telegatto Award.

The host was Luca Barbareschi who acted as moderator between couples going through a crisis who were verbally abusive to each other. The couples taking part, who for the better part were married,   would have their families and friends for support.

Following its success, a prime-time edition of the programme was created, in which the studio audience could vote for one of the members of the couple who they agreed with most. After five editions and almost 1000 episodes, C’eravamo Tanto Amati closed in 1994.



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