Searching For Signs of Love In The Universe

Year: 2015

Organization: Chiara Noschese

Production: Casanova Multimedia


A moving show rich in emotions that will touch spectator’s hearts

To celebrate his first forty years in show business, Luca Barbareschi returns to the stage with a one man show, ironic, funny, and full of energy and live music that will charm and fascinate audiences. He makes a play out of his career by telling the story of an artistic and personal journey that marked his professional life. He does it through the words of the greatest writers with whom he had the good fortune and the pleasure to match himself. With Shakespeare’s wisdom or with Mamet’ sharp irony, he accompanies the spectator in an emotional voyage suspended in the magic of the theatrical game. Through the “pretext” of his biography he describes the crucial events of his life by borrowing the words of famous authors like Shakespeare, Mamet, Tomasi di Lampedusa, Aeschylus and the music of great composers (Mozart, James Taylor, Chico Buarque). Thus Barbareschi creates a moving, stirring, engrossing and at the same time amusing show.

This show is dedicated to those who have never stopped searching in their dreams, in the night sky, in the ancient tales, in the long waits, in the desire to be merry, because this is what life is about, a strange game in which we all have a part to play. The show is enriched by the band of Marco Zurzolo, a musician and friend with whom Barbareschi has shared many artistic adventures.

Director’s notes.

 “Searching for Signs of Love in the Universe” is the soul searching voyage of a man that lives again his life. His first memories go back to a time before he was born, when little larger than a string bean, in his mother’s belly, he takes a “clandestine” journey on board a cruise ship and already at this time he comes near to the theatre through a ‘peculiar’ event. This is followed by the carefree years of his childhood which he spent with his father, a stern and determined man, who teaches him a lot and who shows him great affection. When Luca was a teenager he was deeply affected by his parent’s separation and by an episode that would mark him for the rest of his life. Years go by. He becomes an adult, a professional artist and a very successful one and after 40 years of so much work and experiences he reaches maturity.

Entertaining moments alternate with intense and moving stories as Barbareschi lives again landmark events, the important turning points of his life. Always it is the theatre that is the cornerstone, the solution for his life. By combining life and limelight, the story is told through the words of the greatest playwrights, those that made the history of European and global culture. Together with Luca, their words and their art become life’s teachings. They give meaning and voice to the more touching of Barbareschi’s journey through Henry V, Jacques, Richard III, the Prince of Salina, David Mamet, Evtushenko, William Shakespeare, James Taylor, Bill Evans, and many others, both characters and authors… life becomes a stage. Theatres are safe places where Luca can feel at home. Acting is a passion to which he devotes himself with energy and commitment, with the awareness that our being human will cease if we will not succeed in allowing love, fantasy and imagination to fill our lives. Between past and future, life is the present with the varied human beings that surround it, involved as it is with continuous disguises and continuous real or only apparent changes. This show was born with the idea of a festivity full of joy, positivity, a moment for honest and sincere sharing, without veils and protection. I believe that the “Theatre Utopia” is constituted by a vast living matter from which one should draw upon in abundance. The space I have chosen for a mind’s journey into memories is very simply a “theatre” which is bare at the beginning. It will slowly evoke places and emotions that will be born and will grow thanks to the presence of music. Music which is so important in real life as it is on stage, ready as it is to crystallize in one’s memory every moment one has lived throughout life. With much affection and honesty, I have accompanied along the route of this adventure, a greatly talented artist and the journey has been exhilarating, moving and authentic. It was a pleasure to hold his hand throughout the journey. Every day, with a smile and with desperate optimism, I try to feel useful while continuing to believe in theatre because when all is said and done: “the only really revolutionary action is to do a job well done”.


TOUR 2015

1/2– Gubbio, Teatro Comunale

2/2 - Amelia, Teatro Sociale

10-14/2 – Firenze, Teatro Pergola

15/2 - Firenze, Teatro Pergola

16-17/2 - Livorno, Teatro Goldoni

19/2 – 8 marzo – Milano, Teatro Manzoni

11/3 – Noto. Teatro Tina di Lorenzo

12-15/3 – Catania, Teatro ABC

16/3 – Carlentini, Teatro Comunale

17/3 – Modica, Teatro Garibaldi

19/3 – Mantova, Teatro Ariston

28/3 – Conegliano, Teatro Accademia

29/3 – Lodi, Teatro alle Vigne

30/3 - Borgomanero, Teatro Nuovo

31 /3– 2/4– Genova, Teatro della Corte

9-19/4– Roma, Teatro Brancaccio

20/4 - Foggia, Teatro Del Fuoco



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